Instant answers to all the important questions

You are getting slammed with inquiries about your show’s status from every direction. And it is making it hard for your team to be as focused as they should be on keeping your event on track.

We can help.

Our Rapid Response AI Chatbot for Coronavirus can be quickly deployed on your event’s website. It takes about 10 minutes of your time and is live in less than 24 hours to answer all your audiences key questions

  • What is the current status of your show(s)?
  • If it's still on, what will your staff be doing onsite to ensure a safe environment for everyone involved?
  • Can I attend remotely?
  • If it is canceled, what is your refund policy?
  • And more…

Low or No Cost

Our goal is to help the industry through these tough times by working together. If you can’t afford to pay for the Rapid Response AI Chatbot for Coronavirus, we will deploy at no cost to you.

If you have the ability to pay, the bot is just $500 a month. You can start at anytime and cancel at any time, no strings attached.

Start updating audiences FAST

With just 10 minutes of your time your bot is live in less than 24 hours so your audience gets the answers they need, and your team can spend time focusing on getting your event back on track.

Click here to learn more and get your Rapid Response AI Chatbot for Coronavirus.